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Disability and Accessibility for the Disabled

Understanding Disability
In every society, disability is a part of life. There are people who are not able to do some things. This may be for a short period of time or throughout their lives. Disability is the state of being unable to function with the whole boy. There are many forms of disability and it doesn't have to be physical alone. Some people think that being disabled is about having a problem with a body part; for example being blind or crippled or deaf. This is not entirely true. Sometimes, an elderly person can be disabled. Some people may also have limited abilities. A person with a broken arm or leg for instance can be said to be disabled. This is why disability needs tend to favor even the people that are not considered "disabled".

Special Considerations
Disabled people need special considerations when it comes to access. Sometimes it gets hard for people with disabilities to access certain services or amenities. For instance some people may not be able to go up a flight of stairs to get to an office. This is why providing access to the disabled should be a concern for everyone. This especially applies to buildings and other service areas.

When constructing building, it is important to build a ramp for people who can't walk up a flight of stairs. Most buildings nowadays are required to do that. The ramps should be constructed to accommodate the use of a wheelchair. Signs and warnings are also very important. These should be used to indicate areas that may cause injury to disabled people. For instance someone with troubled vision would need a bright and big sign to be warned of a post ahead.

If it's in an office, a blind person should be able to find their way through. This is done by getting rid of obstructions. The head space in a building should be high enough to accommodate any height. This would allow for a blind person to pass through without hitting their head. There are a lot of other specifications that should be added to a building to allow access for disable people. Streets should also be made to allow access for the disabled.

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